Are you ready to hunt one of North America's largest game species?

Lottery Zone Black Bear Hunts
I do not offer hunts in the No-Quota or over the counter tag zones.
 You must apply for a tag in April before May 1st to hunt in September.
Contact Jonny directly for zone & application information.

Some of the services of a bear hunt with Jonny P.

1)Baits that are tended DAILY, no question about it every bait is tended every day from the start of bear baiting season until the day you take a bear.
2)     Trail cameras on the active baits to verify the presence and huntable quality boars. We will be placing sideshows on display for hunters to check out throughout the day as we come in from that morning's bait checks.  
3)Industrial walk in sized on site cooler/freezer within the “Bear Center” to properly clean and care for bear after the kill. We are not going to try and stuff your bear in grandma's old chest freezer, we run a professional operation.
4)On site scale that will verify the weight.
5)Tracking, retrieval, high quality DSLR photos, and field dressing of your bear. I exhaust every effort to find every bear.
6)Comfortable ladder stands or ground blinds set for the archer, muzzleloader or rifle hunter on active, proven baits.
7)Limited number of hunters. I cap the number of hunter to 6 hunters in camp a week to keep the pressure low and customer service high. 
8)Intense hunt, no need for open ended dates or other excuses. We take over a 100 years of experience to put you on bear right away, not have you make three trips to northern MN for one hunt.
7)…and the most important of all is hunting with an outfitter whose family has been living and guiding in the Upper Red Lake area for four generations. 

This is a seven day semi-guided hunt; basically I do everything but sit in the stand with you. Once you have been shown your stand over fully maintained baits it is in your hands whether you use a bow, muzzleloader or rifle. No need to worry as I am normally posted within a few minutes of your location for any immediate assistance that may be needed. We also do not restrict you to one bait as some operations. We try to keep multiple active sites going for each hunter in case of misses, mistakes or who knows is hunting after all. This style of hunting  is not the easiest for outfitters but does allow you to go to your stand early or later if you chose, move from one bait to the other with the conditions and you are not restricted to a “drop, point, hunt and see you in seven days” method that I feel is very impersonal and ineffective. Something bad happens or you just are not feeling it we look at the trail cam data and move you to a new spot.

 Once you take a shot I am on the scene in full force with you tracking, retrieving and taking numerous photos of you and your trophy. After the hunt we haul it to the Outdoors With Jonny P  Bear Center complete with a walk freezer and all the equipment to prepare your bear for the trip home. You can haul it home frozen and whole to your processors or taxidermist if you want. We can also rug, cape or case skin then quarter the bear on site if that is your wish. I do not recommend deboning, grinding or final consumption packaging of meat onsite due to the outdoor open air nature of our facility, save the final prep for at home or let a processor do it.

 Booking a bear hunt

This is a $1,200 hunt (total) that allows for 7 consecutive days of hunting. 
No lodging or meals provided. 
Week 1 hunt is Sept 1st -7th
Week 2 hunt is Sept 8th-14th 
Week 3 hunt is often optional and utilized as a backup for extras or schedule problems.

A $600 (half of total) non-refundable booking fee and a photocopy of your tag or lottery card is required when you schedule your hunt. The remaining $600 is due upon arrival before you hunt. If the hunt is canceled or a hunter no show occurs after August 15th you will be responsible for the cost of the entire hunt. Make sure a fall black bear hunt is what you want to do before booking. We have a very long waiting list of sportsmen & women trying to get tags to hunt with us, we frown upon cancellations and no-shows that void opportunities for others.

Bear Hunt Guidelines!

These guidelines were created for hunter benefit. They came about after decades of experience and seeing difficulties, mishaps and other common pitfalls that have haunted a few hunters. We want you to have the bear hunt of a lifetime and these 5 items well help to ensure that you get the experience and hunt you booked. They may appear harsh but they are very important. Know it is one of many things we do to make sure you have the successful hunt and incredible experience you paid for. 

  • By August 1st you will declare your weapon of choice. It can be archery, muzzleloader, shotgun, rifle, crossbow or large caliber handgun. Once you chose that is the weapon you will use for the entirety of the season. Multiple stands, blinds and baits are placed in the best location and angles for your weapon choice, changing mid season causes problems and often destroys the active bait.

  • NO HIGH POWERED SCOPES ! You are hunting a black bear with black crosshairs in dark conditions often 20-40 yards away. You WILL end up trying to find the bear's kill zone in a scope full of black bear with black crosshairs. I have seen it time and time again. Scopes are the number one reason hunters miss bear or botch the shot. I recommend fiber optic, illuminated/glow style sites or low power  (0-2x) scopes with illuminated aimpoint. Yes some scopes gather light and some claim to have magic powers, I have heard about every excuse as to why hunters show up with a high power scope. You do not want a scope on a bear hunt. Last ten years scope hunters are at the bottom with a low 40% kill shot fired yet led the pack in total shots fired, lots of shooting for few hits and kills. Traditional longbow archers and first time youth hunters have had a higher success rate than scoped hunters. You may love your scope but it will negatively affect your bear hunt.

  • High powered, ultra fast rifles are not the best. 7MM mags, 300win mag .270's and other long range fast and flat guns do not work well for bear.  What you end up with is a small entry wound that will plug, a shattered or exploded bullet doing little deep impact and no exit wound , then bear tend to go miles and miles after the shot. Long range guns are designed for long range impact, close shots the bullet is too wild and reacts poorly on impact. Most of my long, late night tracking jobs are from ultra fast high powered rifles, especially the "wretched  wounder" a.k.a. 7mm mag. You want big, heavy and slow for bear. Best choices are the 3" 12 gauge slug, that has taken more large bear at my camp than any other gun. The .50 cal muzzleloader never needs tracking.  The old school heavy hitters work well , such as the 45-70, 444 and 450 marlin stop them cold, and even the 30-30, 30-06 and 44 mags have done well. Bear are  tough with a 4" layer of bullet stopping blubber surrounding bones that rival iron. You need kinetic energy to push through like bulldozer slow, heavy and strong, not hit it at mach 3 and disintegrates on impact like an Italian sportscar. 

  • NO Thermacells, bear can smell them and they do not like them. I don't care who says the are the best thing since sliced bread, time and time again Thermacells or other bug contraptions have ruined a active bait and a chance at a trophy class bear. We have proven this by experimentation with three separate tests. Bug gadgets and chemicals will ruin your hunt.  Thermacells, chemicals and magic potions are banned from camp, buy a good bug suit.

  • Be mentally and physically prepared to sit until the end of legal shooting time. Many hunters ruin their own hunt by blasting out of the woods to early, even after the guides advice. Big, smart bear often wait until last light to show themselves but are often within 50 yards, waiting, watching and listening until they do show up. If you are packing up or walking out (often trotting or slowly running, waving a flashlight and making noise to purposely scare away the bear out of fear) you have chased away that bear for good. The guide is unaware of this event and places you back on the same bait, not knowing you started your own personal bear drive the night before. Be ready to sit and shoot in what will appear to be after hours dark conditions. This is why I recommend open bright sights. By leaving the stand early or crashing out of your site, you turn your hunt into a very expensive week of watching raccoons and getting bitten by mosquitos. If you are scared or nervous talk to me off to the side or send me a message and I will figure something out you are more comfortable with between just us.

​As I said these guidelines appear harsh but I published them in efforts to ensure hunters fully understand a deep northwoods bear hunt is very specialized and we are making sure you are fully prepared for every aspect and opportunity of your adventure. 

Any questions or concerns about hunting black bear in northern Minnesota please email me at- .
 I will be more than happy to answer and there are no dumb questions when it comes to a guided bear hunt.