Your Upper Red Lake Area Guide
Jonny Petrowske is a fourth generation professional
outdoorsman of Waskish and the shores of
Upper Red Lake. In 1906 the Petrowske family
homesteaded on Upper Red Lake. Once the
homestead was built the small Petrowske family
has worked as commercial fishermen, guides, state
trappers, resort owners, bait dealers and
outdoorsmen learning every inch of non-reservation
Upper Red Lake and the surrounding area from
Bemidji to Baudette. Those 100 plus years of
knowledge, ethics and guiding experience has been
passed down through the generations to Jonny P.

What makes Jonny different form other operations?

When you book a trip with “Jonny P” you are not going on a expensive boat ride or  a hunt by numbers outing. You and your group are stepping into a true outdoor experience with a professional that has spent his life making his living from the woods and water. Jonny P is a true FULL TIME LOCAL OUTFITTER & GUIDE! He is not an out of town or seasonal operation, showing up and leaving the area with the good Internet reports or rumors. Jonny P is not booking part time guide trips during his time off from another job such as a teacher, construction worker or a retired professional from a previous career. Jonny Petrowske is a fully licensed and insured professional that has made his living from guiding and outfitting in the Upper Red Lake Area. When the the going gets tough Jonny just works harder to put his clients on fish instead of forcing his clients to endure a 1-3 hour truck ride across Minnesota hoping for easier fishing in another region. Client satisfaction, repeat customers and new referrals are what has kept his family business going year round for so many years, or just a touch over a century!  Jonny P is one of the few full time, year round outfitters still in business in Northern Minnesota...and for good reason.

Jonny P's great grandfather Fred Petrowske, the state trapper, warden and guide at the Miller Creek cabin north of Upper Red Lake. Also pictured is Fred's boat the "Chief", picture was taken 1914 on Upper Red Lake. 
Jonny's grandfather Jim sitting on his 1929 Model "A" in the Lost River country while scouting for hunts. Also pictured is Jim with one of the first signs of the Red Lake crappie boom shortly after his retirement.
Jonny's father, now retired, is the famous Upper Red Lake ice fishing and bear hunting guide. Kelly in the seat of his lake truck and in front of the Upper Red Lake Crappie Cribs.
Your fourth generation, four season, full time
Upper Red Lake Area guide
Jonny P.