First time fishing or in a boat? Just up visiting Northern Minnesota and don't have your
gear with? No problem! I have everything needed for a day of fun and fishing. All you will need to bring with is your lunch/snacks, something to drink and a Minnesota fishing license (available  at many bait shops, gas stations or online). Yes it is that easy,simply show up and go fishing.

From Upper Red Lake walleye and pike to fast paced panfish for the kids on smaller lakes, or the methodical swinging of a fly for toothy pike, even the mighty musky, I have your trip covered. If you have never fished before, or you are a seasoned angler looking for that trophy I always have options for whatever your goals for the day might be.

  • Fish the famed walleye on Upper Red Lake 
  • Hunt down the infamous super-sized Upper Red Lake pike
  • Take the family out for fast action bluegills or crappies
  • Have musky viciously attack your lure at boat side 
  • Fish for smallmouth bass off the rocks on deeper clear water lakes.
  • Flip, pitch and toss baits in the heavy weeds and lily pads for largemouth bass
  • Fly fish for musky large pike, smallmouth or largemouth bass (Fly anglers limited to two anglers per trip)
  • Use the day to learn any technique or species you want. I can also dedicate time to some of the more difficult  methods. Such as how to cast heavy musky lures on bait-casting reels, how to run planer boards or using a leadcore line set up. Even fly casting the big musky and pike flies!

Full day (8 hours) total fee for 2 anglers - $320
Half day (4 hours) total fee for 2 anglers $240
Add a third angler 1/2 or full day- $40
(Up to 2 children under 12 fish free with adults)
All major credit cards accepted for guided trips.

Contact Jonny P directly for a fully guided trip! 

Back up plans for Upper Red Lake trips and dangerous winds.

As a high wind / high seas back-up plan for Upper Red Lake trips I am allowing rescheduling as my schedule allows or we may travel to nearby lakes or rivers instead. These waters offer trophy class walleye, pike/musky, panfish or bass fishing if Upper Red Lake becomes unfishable due to severe waves. 

ALWAYS clean guide boats!

You will never find a mess or disorganization in my guide boats. The Alaskan and Go-Devil are pulled in every night, hosed down, cleaned and prepped for the next day. Cleanliness, safety and organization is not an option but a standard at Outdoors with Jonny P.

Why the Lund Alaskan and not a high speed glitter and carpet boat? The Alaskan is a 20 foot monster of a boat. With the Alaskan’s versatility, durability, big water capabilities and sheer size make it a great guide boat. No we do not go 60mph, we only go 40mph and no we do not sparkle or have "bling", but we can go to places and to lakes many boats can not, and we can maneuver over fish with pinpoint precision. You will not find another boat offering as much personal space for each individual client as the Lund Alaskan.

 The 20 foot Go-Devil, yet another very large boat that simply goes to waters few can and to fish that have often times been untouched. Low water, log jams, beaver dams, rocky rapids and even exposed sandbars are not a problem for the Go-Devil and its fuel injected surface drive motor. 

Open Water Fishing Adventures
  Jonny P's direct line 218-647-9030 or email [email protected]

Jonny's 4 simple boat rules

1) NO Pets, no exceptions.
2) NO spray can sunblock or spray can bug repellent, bring lotion type or use Jonny's. Please apply sunblock before getting in the boat. Sunblock and insect repellent are very hard of fishing gear and fishing success.
3) NO intoxicated or under the influence anglers. Other outfits offer group charters & booze cruises. We are alcohol and drug free. 
4) NO bending, pushing, testing, teasing, fudging or breaking game laws. 

Frequently asked questions 

What do I need for an open water fishing trip?

  • A valid Minnesota fishing license 
  • Personal Rain Gear if you prefer. The spare rain gear onboard never fits correctly and takes ugly to a new level.
  • Snacks and drinks (YETI cooler with ice onboard for your use)
  • Any emergency medication including insect sting kits
  • Polarized sunglasses for sight fishing (also for safety when pike and musky  fishing)
  • DO NOT BRING- Pets of any kind.  Dirty or heavy lugged work boots with grease, oil, diesel, concrete mud, sheet-rock dust or manure on them. Spray type insect repellent or sunblock. Sunblock and insect repellent is offered on-board. 

What about cleaning fish and fillets? 

When fishing Upper Red Lake I will clean and package your  fish for you. You can also have Westwinds Resort prepare a full meal for you with your freshly caught walleye! Often times I can be talked out of my daily limit of walleye for the dinner effort and you can keep your fillets for later. 

Other smaller remote lakes I will tailgate clean your fish.(Gutted or filleted and rinsed with jug water)

I do ask that we practice catch and release when catching:
  • Trophy Pike
  • Musky
  • Large and Smallmouth Bass
  • Majority of the panfish (keep enough for a meal and release the rest for the future)
  • Sturgeon(catch release only by law)

Fly Anglers

For those that wish to bring their own equipment:

Plan on a mix of deck casting from the Alaskan or Go-Devil and wading while stripping streamers in calm warm water. Waist worn tending baskets are a huge plus in the boat and if we have a touch of surf going on while wading. Bring your waders or wet pants with! Often times conditions will allow us to get out of the boat and stalk the flowages into the heavy reed edges. Knee to waist deep water is the norm over a hard sand bottom. 

For Pike 8-10 weight rods with weight forward floating lines work well. Best is a solid 9-10wt with a heavy taper pike specific line, such as Rio Pike and Musky. Sink tips and Versa sinking leaders are also useful. Leaders are a simple heavy mono with a short bite wire or heavy fluorocarbon tippet.  

Good flies to bring for pike/musky are any streamers, tube flies, deceivers, leeches, pike bunnies, poppers, wooly boogers, Dahlberg divers and of course frog/mice imitations. All flies should be super sized and wild colors work wonders for pike on Red Lake. Monster sized flies are cool and fun to tie but not needed. A 3-6 inch fly works well for pike and musky prefer a 4-8 inch fly. Clousers and a few of the deeper flies have produced some dandy walleye on the fly also...yes I said walleye on the fly.  

For bass go with the same collection as pike only smaller colored in more natural patterns along with a handful of crayfish imitators.